Available Friends


Our ‘friends’ are all dogs other than pugs. When the Polar Pug Rescue organization first began we were a rescue for the Pug breed only. It became clear to us that we had a lot of love and help to give and decided in 2009 to help other small dogs also. We have a wonderful working relationship with Anchorage Animal Care and Control. When they are unable to provide behavioral or medical assistance to the dogs in their care, they seek the help of rescue organizations like ours. It’s these dogs that come to us that we call our ‘friends’!




Meet Buddy! He is a 11 year old Bichon. He is neutered, and is so sweet! We are still getting to know him, but so far he seems to do fine with men, women, and other dogs. He was terribly matted when he came in, but Vickie worked her magic and now he is clean and knot free!

buddy2  buddy24

Meet Nee! She is a 9 year old spayed dachshund. She does have some skin issues we are sorting out, but you can submit an application for her still!


Meet Charlie!  He is a 9-year-old, neutered, male Dachshund. He is friendly, outgoing and cuddly and wants a forever home!

We have double the Buddy’s in rescue right now!

Our new Buddy, who we call Buddy 2,  is 10 years old and currently on medical hold while we explore the possibility of UTI.

UPDATE for Buddy number 2!    6/6/19

He went to the vet and we have found out he is diabetic. He will require twice daily insulin injections as well as periodic at home glucose testing. We will be taking applications for him, but he will still be on medical hold while we adjust his insulin dose.


This is Bentley. This all started mid-July:
He is a 1-year-old neutered male that needs surgery. He needs what is called an FHO. The doctor will cut and reshape his femoral head and give him a new hip joint. Unfortunately, due to a run in with a side by side ATV, his hip was damaged. We will need a foster home for him too! He is getting surgery tomorrow and will be ready for his foster home Saturday

Update: it’s 4pm and Bentley is heading into surgery! Thank you Dr. D! Safe thoughts for this sweet guy!

Bentley did well in surgery! He had a bit of a rough day today and pain meds were adjusted. He is well on his way to recovery now! At least another 24hrs in the hospital then he can go to a foster home. He will be so happy as he has been in the hospital since Monday!

07/21/19: Bentley is still in the hospital! He had a rough 24 hours after his surgery but is ready to go to a foster home now thank goodness!

07/28/19: Bentley continues to do well in his foster home. He is getting along well with the other dog and the cat. He is playful and sweet. He isn’t using his leg as well as we would like but we will get him some physical therapy to help with that.

Here’s Tori!!  She’s a 6 year old Maltese who is spayed and up to date on shots. She doesn’t weight over 5 lbs soaking wet! She’s playful and loves people. We are accepting applications on her. Interested? Please fill out an application.