Phoenix Fund

Polar Pug Rescue & Friends runs a wonderful community program called the Phoenix Fund. We have always supported the efforts to help save the lives of animals directly in our community. To this end, we have established the Phoenix Fund.

This fund is specifically designed to provide medical assistance for dogs at our local Anchorage Animal Control and Care Center (AACCC). Dogs that are surrendered to AACCC may face medical challenges that the shelter is not financially equipped to handle. For this reason, some dogs might be euthanized unless a rescue is found that can care for it. With rescues often full, there may not always be a place for every dog. If the medical was paid for on behalf of the dog, then the shelter can put the dog up for adoption after it heals, bypassing the need for outside rescue.

The Phoenix Fund can bridge that gap between the need for medical assistance and the financial constraints of the shelter, allowing the shelter to place the dog for adoption.

We are excited to be able to provide this much needed service to the dogs in our community and help our local shelter keep their euthanasia rates as low as possible. If you would like to make a donation directly to the Phoenix Fund, please attach a note stating this to your donation and we will make sure it is earmarked especially for the dogs at the shelter that need our help.